Village Ghost

Food Pairings

1. Spicy Lime Sauce - Jeow  Som 
Jeow Som the go to sauce when eating seafood and meats. Ingredients include lao peppers, lime, fish sauce, sugar, and fresh cilantro.
2. Lao Beef Jerky - Seen Savanh
Lao beef jerky also known as heavenly meat (Seen Savanh).  First dried and then flash fried.  Seen Savanh has a perfect balance of sweet, salty and savory. Served at daily meals at home, at weddings or when you're on the go at the office or out in the field.  It's as it's name says, "Heavenly"!
3. Lao Sausage - Sai Oua
Lao sausage is packed with flavor. Made of pork, lemongrass, peppers, kaffir leaves and sticky rice. 
4. Sticky Rice - Khao Neow
Sticky rice is a Lao staple eaten with every Lao meal.  Great for dipping in sauces (Jeow) and pairs with all Lao food.