Village Ghost

What is Sato?

Sato is a Southeast Asian, Lao rice wine made from sticky rice, the staple food of the Lao people. Sato is made using a process called parallel fermentation where microbes extract the sweet nectar from rice grains while simultaneously yeast converts the nectar into alcohol.

Rice wine has been made for centuries in Southeast Asia with slight variations across the different countries and it's ethnic groups. Sato is the version that can be found in the country of Laos and Northeastern Thailand.

Sato made in the villages of Southeast Asia will contain 2-6% alcohol, however at Village Ghost we have elevated the alcohol content to 14% so you all can get that sweet buzz.

Village Ghost Sato does not contain sulfites or preservatives and the sweetness is all natural sugars from the rice.

Village Ghost is proud to be the first and finest Sato to market in the US!